Today’s Wordle #567 Hints, Clues And Answer For Saturday, January 7th

January 7, 2023

Seven days. That’s a full week of 2023. I made it about four before getting sick! Still, it’s a pretty mild cold all things considered. In January of 2020 I got sick with a real doozy that had me laid up for eight weeks, wheezing and hacking and feverish. I finally went to the doctor in mid-February and got some antibiotics and an inhaler. My lungs have never been the same since.

Was it COVID-19? I don’t know. A couple weeks later the world was suddenly aware of the new disease, which targeted peoples’ respiratory systems and sounded a great deal like whatever I had, but not many people were coming down with it in January in the United States. It’s possible there were simply no documented cases around where I live, or it’s possible that I just had something else entirely.

Whatever the case, it was not fun and it’s made everything in life a little bit harder. So I’m grateful that my current ailment is quite banal by comparison. I’m not even too sick to get today’s Wordle right in just three guesses! Let’s do it!

Today’s Wordle Solution — With Spoilers!

The Hint: Squeeze!

The Clue: This word had more consonants than vowels in it.

The Answer:

So, I guessed flash because I recently wrote this piece about Ezra Miller, the troubled young actor who plays Barry Allen in DC’s The Flash out this June. I was writing about the actor’s many controversial (and at times criminal) incidents and why it wasn’t a good idea for DC and Warner Bros. to continue to cast them in the role, so flash was just in my brain already. It seemed like a fine opening guess in spite of the lack of vowels. It wasn’t.

Flash left me with 222 remaining options and an ‘L’ in yellow. I decided to go with something that had all-new letters to rule out as many as I could and picked mound because it had two more vowels. This got me three more boxes in yellow, and after a bit I realized there was only one possible solution left—at least that I could think of: Lemon for the win! Huzzah!

Score: 1 point for getting the answer in 3 guesses. Unfortunately, I tied Wordle Bot today so I get 0 pionts there for a grand total of 1! That’s still a win!

Yesterday’s word was harder!

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A song for today’s Wordle: Lemonworld by The National

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