The 3 Things You Can Do AS An Employee For Workplace Safety

February 20, 2023
February 20, 2023
The 3 Things You Can Do AS An Employee For Workplace Safety

It is the responsibility of every employer to provide a safe and secure workplace. It isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s also the law. This doesn’t mean that you are not responsible for your safety at work, however. There are things that you should be doing to ensure that you are not at risk of injuring yourself or others at the workplace. Despite the best efforts of your employer, there will still be things that can injure you that you need to watch out for and take precautions against.

By understanding workplace safety and doing your part to prevent accidents and injuries, you can help ensure a safe and healthy workplace for yourself and your colleagues. It involves identifying potential hazards, following safety procedures, and using personal protective equipment (PPE) properly, among other things. In this article, we'll discuss several ways to stay safe in the workplace.

1 - Use your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

Personal protective equipment (PPE) refers to clothing, helmets, goggles, gloves, or fall protection equipment that protects you from workplace hazards. Depending on your job and the nature of the hazards present, you may be required to wear PPE to stay safe while you work.

There are several different types of PPE, and each is designed to protect against specific hazards. For example, safety glasses or goggles can protect your eyes from flying debris or chemicals, while respirators can help protect you from breathing in hazardous substances. 

In addition to knowing what types of PPE to use, it's essential to use the equipment correctly. This may mean adjusting it for a proper fit, checking it for damage or wear, and properly cleaning and storing it when not in use.

Remember, using PPE isn't just about protecting yourself – it's also about protecting those around you. If you work with hazardous materials or equipment, failing to use PPE can put your coworkers and others at risk.

2 - Know the workplace hazards

One of the most important steps you can take to stay safe in the workplace is to identify potential hazards. Hazards can come in many forms, such as physical hazards like moving machinery or dangerous chemicals or environmental hazards like extreme temperatures or poor air quality. By identifying these hazards, you can take steps to protect yourself and prevent accidents or injuries.

To identify workplace hazards, start by observing your surroundings and looking for potential danger. Are there any sharp edges, moving parts, or hazardous chemicals? Is the lighting adequate for the work you're doing? Is the air quality good or are there any fumes or odors present? These are just a few examples of hazards you might encounter in the workplace.

If you're unsure how to identify potential hazards, ask your supervisor or a safety officer for guidance. They can provide additional training or resources to help you identify and avoid workplace hazards.

Identifying hazards is only the first step – you must also take action to prevent accidents and injuries. This may mean following workplace safety procedures, wearing appropriate PPE, or reporting safety concerns to your supervisor.

3 - Be part of a culture of safety

In addition to protecting yourself from workplace hazards, you can also help promote a culture of safety in your workplace. A culture of safety means that everyone in the workplace is committed to identifying and addressing potential hazards, following safety procedures, and promoting a safe and healthy work environment.

To encourage a culture of safety, start by setting a good example. Follow workplace safety procedures and use PPE correctly and consistently. Encourage your coworkers to do the same, and be willing to speak up if you see someone doing something unsafe. You can also suggest ways to improve workplace safety, such as better lighting or additional safety training.

Finally, participate in workplace safety committees or other groups that focus on safety. By getting involved, you can help shape workplace safety policies and practices and ensure that everyone in the workplace is working together to stay safe.

A culture of safety benefits everyone in the workplace by reducing accidents and injuries and promoting a healthier, more productive work environment. By doing your part to encourage a culture of safety, you're helping to create a workplace where everyone can thrive.


You should never take your safety at work for granted. It is an ongoing process that requires everybody’s involvement to ensure you and your coworkers stay safe. With these tips you should be able to enjoy many years of injury-free work. 

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