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January 2, 2023

Old Havana, La Habana Vieja

The year 2023 has just begun and holds great promise for travel, but it pays to travel smart in the Roaring 2020s.

The pandemic may be raging but we have far better tools with which to combat it, if only people take advantage of them.

We start the year with a blank slate and a bright outlook for the year. However, traditions must be strictly observed and among the many New Year’s traditions, besides watching “Dinner for One” on New Year’s Eve, is the preparation of a list of New Year’s Resolutions.

While most people resolve to attend the gym regularly, lose weight, be more spontaneous, and so on, those are for amateurs. What’s really exciting is to travel the world and to do it in the safest possible manner.

Instead of sitting home on weekends, plan getaways. Whether it’s a few hours’ drive or a short flight, there’s an exciting world for you to discover and enjoy.

Adopting even just a few of our ten New Year’s resolutions will help you in doing just that.

1.) Join a trusted-traveler program
Remarkably, in 2023 people will still be waiting on line at security checkpoints and border crossings. Getting membership in the Department of Homeland Security’s Global Entry or the Transportation Security Administration’s PreCheck program will virtually eliminate the wait.

2.) Eat healthier on the road
While it’s hard to maintain a healthy diet on the road – who chooses the fruit option for dessert on a flight when there’s an ice cream sundae beckoning? – it’s actually possible to observe portion control and choose healthier options such as fish, even at the poshest eateries.

3.) Pack smarter
2018 should be the year you, dear reader, start to follow the advice we keep proselytizing in the magazine: pack lighter, take items that mix and match, and limit yourself to one roll aboard and one smaller bag.

4.) Walk more, taxi less
Take a taxi, ride the metro, or take a stroll? So many cities were built for walking and so many visitors fail to take advantage of the opportunities afforded them as pedestrians.

5.) Give your regards to Broadway
A Broadway show is the epitome of a night out in New York and the same goes for taking in a show in London’s West End. Whether it’s “Book of Mormon” or “SpongeBob SquarePants” or “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” or “The View UpStairs” at a regional playhouse, it’s an experience that won’t be forgotten.

6.) Learn a new language
It may sound obvious but learning another language is not only helpful but it expands your own world as well. Language apps are a great place to start but immersion courses or even watching television in the language of your choosing should not be overlooked.

7.) Visit a new city
Many travelers get into the habit of visiting the same place year after year. The real thrill of travel is exploring someplace new and foreign. Try it!

8.) Better yet, see a new country
“I checked off Cuba and Ireland in 2017, and I plan to visit three new countries in 2018,” FBT Editorial Director Jonathan Spira told us when we were preparing this list.

9.) Take advantage of all the activities your hotel has to offer
Take a nature walk in New Mexico, ski the Bavarian Alps, walk through the local farmer’s market in Vienna, and visit the Tsujiki Fish Market in Tokyo, as well as hiking, biking, kayaking, surfboarding, and climbing.

10.) Be Covid-Safe in Your Travels

The next SARS-CoV-2 surge is likely just around the corner so it pays to be prepared.  Keep up-to-date with not only coronavirus vaccine boosters but flu shots as well.  Get tested before travel and after arrival, and don a face mask to protect against Covid, the flu, and RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus.  Finally, check for CDC or other health agency  warnings for countries before you go.

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