SF9 Release Sophisticated ‘Puzzle’ As An Early 2023 K-Pop Standout Single: Watch

January 12, 2023
January 12, 2023

When SF9 kicked off their 2022 U.S. tour in New York in November last year, the K-pop boy band told audience members they’d head back into the studio and promised “we will return soon.” Just days into 2023, SF9 is already back and delivering top-notch K-pop to kick off the year on the right note.

The boy band released their new EP titled The Piece Of9 this week, centered around the slick and sophisticated lead single “Puzzle.” With a progressive electro-pop sound that recalls some of their most notable singles like “Now or Never” and “Fanfare,” the group’s latest track boasts a racing excitement as the song continuously builds on its handful of slinky and catchy hooks.

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The accompanying music video sees SF9 in their visual sweet spot in sophisticated suits and well-fitted spy gear, and the guys look to “solve the “puzzle” of a broken-down relationship. While the song’s lyrics speak to SF9 staying strong amidst a lover’s lies and deceit, the visuals take a similar approach as the guys pull off a heist and deliver powerful choreography in monochrome looks.

The Piece Of9 is a notable release for SF9 for several reasons. First up, it marks the return of member Rowoon, who sat out of the group’s last release in July 2022 due to a busy schedule. But the EP is also SF9’s first since holding their second U.S. tour last year when members Jaeyoon, Dawon, Zuho, Taeyang, Hwiyoung and Chani visited cities including New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. It’s all setting the right tone for the group’s new year with more members together (while the eldest Youngbin and Inseong fulfill their mandatory military service) and delivering on their promise made to fans late last year.

Watch the new “Puzzle” video below:

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