How acting like a pirate can help battle loneliness

March 3, 2023
My wife travels a lot for work, jetting off to cover fashion shows for several weeks at a stretch at least twice a year. I react to these extended-length absences the way any well-adjusted Angeleno husband might: I act like a pirate. To be more precise, I celebrate what I call “pirate season,” a time-honored […]

I got divorced. I really wasn’t expecting this reaction

March 3, 2023
My best friend’s birthday party at Don Cuco in Burbank seemed like a safe place to make my debut as a divorcée. After all, I was friendly with her friends and knew their husbands and their kids. These were my people — no one was from my ex’s camp. After 13 years of marriage, I […]

The 32 most spectacular ceilings in Los Angeles

March 3, 2023
As a child, I’d often visit the Griffith Observatory, where my parents took me and my sisters to marvel at the views of the city and see the stars at night through the famous public telescopes. But what I’ll never forget is what greeted me indoors, just through the main entrance, when I looked up. […]

This is the chewy, crispy-edged ultimate chocolate chip cookie that L.A. Times readers asked for

March 2, 2023
In the fall, The Times Food team asked readers what they love most in a chocolate chip cookie. What are the qualities that make the ultimate chocolate chip cookie? Is it crispy edges? Chewy? Gooey? Cakey? Extra chocolatey? A pinch of salt? What about nuts? Of the 16 chocolate chip cookie characteristics presented in the […]

Lonely? Social wellness startups offer support circles

March 2, 2023
Peppy pop music kicks off the virtual meeting, in which rows of attendees are arranged like “The Brady Bunch.” “I love to see all these beautiful, smiley faces!” exclaims our guide, shouting out names of participants. Everyone looks eager to do what they came here to do: Share their feelings with strangers. Nearly 20 people […]

L.A. artist on capitalist consumption, pleasure, mortality

March 1, 2023
Panteha Abareshi, “A BUNDLE OF KINDLING,” 2022, wood, stainless steel, nickel, latex, silicone, assorted medical ephemera, human blood. (©Ruben Diaz 2022, Hunter Shaw Fine Art) It’s not often — even while working in the arts, which constantly pose difficult questions to viewers, oftentimes questions that have no answers — that we are confronted with the […]

Orchid questions? Ask famed master breeder Paul Gripp

March 1, 2023
In Santa Barbara’s rarefied world of orchid breeders, Paul Gripp is as close as you can get to royalty, and today he’s doing what he loves best: holding forth at the storied nursery he helped create — Santa Barbara Orchid Estate. At 90, Gripp is slender and spry, yanking weeds that flourish in the nursery’s […]

Fashion, art, pop-ups, events: What to do in LA in March

February 28, 2023
Bulgari pop-up Bulgari. March 2023 Drip Index column for Image magazine. Seventy-five years ago, Bulgari launched Serpenti, its famous line of snake-inspired jewelry: watches with scaly bands, bracelets of diamond snakes winding around wrists. To celebrate the anniversary, Bulgari is hosting its first pop-up exhibition in L.A., featuring jewelry, watches and leather goods, all surrounded […]

3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Motorcycle

April 12, 2022
Millions of people dream about owning a motorcycle, and now you get to go turn your dream into a reality. Sure, we all want the cream of the crop, like a bike that roars powerfully when you start the ignition and rev the engine but purrs when it’s on the road. If you’re not ready […]
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