How To Get Into Business Consulting

December 30, 2022
How To Get Into Business Consulting

The business consulting industry is worth over $250 billion annually, with an estimated 700,000 firms operating around the globe. For businesses in need of help and looking to expand their reach, hiring a consultant can yield huge returns for all involved. But how to get into business consulting?

Here are a few tips for getting into consulting. Take a look at them:

Earn a Bachelor's Degree

A bachelor's degree in marketing, engineering, business management, economics, or a similar area is often the minimum requirement for becoming a successful consultant. Top consulting firms usually require you to have an MBA, and many also want postgraduate degrees too.

Take Online Courses

If you've already had a bachelor's degree, consider taking online courses related to your desired field. Many colleges offer certificates and master's degrees in business management through an online program. You could also take classes from general providers such as Coursera or Udemy.

Learn Industry Tools

These days, companies use sophisticated technology for tasks like business management. This includes using Oracle's People Soft enterprise resource planning software and Salesforce customer relationship management software to stay ahead of the game. You can find tutorials on these applications online from your favourite company website or YouTube!

Get Hands-On Experience

The best way to become a consultant is by first getting experience as one. If you're not currently employed, volunteer for additional projects in the industry that could expose you to specific business areas related to consulting. You can also start building your resume by offering pro bono consulting services at nonprofits.

Polish Your Presentation Skills

No matter what type of consultant you aim to be, it's likely that your presentation skills need some work. Watch videos of hardworking and skilled presenters; practice speaking in front of friends and family; brush up on PowerPoint or Google Slides if necessary; learn how to engage an audience with enthusiasm.

Join Industry Groups

Join a social media group and post your own content to keep the conversation going. You can also join business groups that meet up in your area for further networking opportunities with other professionals.

Form a Professional Network

It's essential to start forging connections with others in the industry to help you find new clients and opportunities for professional development. Conferences and seminars are great places to network, meet like-minded professionals, get insights from experts on other fields of expertise, as well as learn about upcoming projects before they're announced!

Become an Industry Thought Leader

Social media is a great way to start building your own online presence. By following business consulting thought leaders on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other sites like Facebook or Google+, you can participate in discussions about the industry and share resources with others who are interested!


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