How To Create A Positive Work Environment

November 16, 2021

Productivity in the workplace comes from a positive work environment. Employees need to feel comfortable, encouraged, and appreciated to feel motivated. 

Experts advise on how we can cultivate a positive work environment.

Listen To Everyone’s Ideas

Your entire crew is full of brilliant ideas. They spend their days in the trenches, adding their own experiences and insights to the project they're working on. If there is a way to make spreadsheets more efficient or cold calls more effective, for example, the team members are aware of it. It's easy to fall back on protocol because you know it works. But, in today's world, the pace of change is so fast that no one can afford to stay in the same place for very long. 

Instead, make it a policy to listen to fresh ideas (you can also set aside time for this), and this will show everyone that they are an important part of the team. Try out some of the fantastic ideas; you never know what can happen—for starters, the team will become more invested in their work and the project's conclusion.

Daniel Foley, SEO Manager at MCS Rental Software

Be Spontaneous And Have A Little Fun

Everyone wants to have a good time at work, even if everyone defines fun differently. When people feel connected to a team, where there is mutual respect, open communication, acceptance of who people are, and everyone collaborates and works toward the same goal, they have fun.

When teams work well together, it's simpler to be spontaneous and have some fun – whether it's a last-minute Football Friday celebration after a project launch or a quick break in the afternoon to share tales and laugh about things that aren't business-related. We all need a break from the seriousness of business from time to time.

Managing a remote team? You can still do this! Companies like Escapely have options for teams to get together and bond over various virtual games like escape rooms for example, enabling everyone to stay connected and drive productivity across the globe.

Gerrid Smith, Founder of Corporate Investigation Consulting

Own Your Values

There is a link between firms' overall business performance and their well-expressed culture or corporate principles. However, many businesses find it simpler to talk the talk than to walk the walk. 

Clear and inspiring company values help to build your business vision and bring your employees together. However, you must ensure that you put them into action to give them the impression that you are all working toward the same objective.

Lauren Cook-McKay, Director of Marketing & Content of Divorce Answers

Encourage Connections

Creating a culture of team cooperation, where employees at all levels feel like they are part of a team, requires building strong connections amongst all of your employees. In today's remote working culture, where workers may have few opportunities to meet up physically, it's more crucial than ever. 

Face-to-face or virtual team-building exercises can be a terrific way to bring coworkers together, build rapport and social connections, and create an environment that fosters mutual respect and trust.

Ariana Flynn, Marketing and Communications Manager ProxyRack

Promote Creativity

Boredom is one of the leading causes of employee dissatisfaction at work. Boredom, believe it or not, maybe just as detrimental in the workplace as a lousy boss or obnoxious coworkers. Encourage your employees to be as innovative as possible in their tasks. If their work doesn't allow for much flexibility, encourage them to come up with new and better methods to accomplish things.

Alternatively, once every couple of weeks, conduct employee gatherings where employees can discuss their ideas. Allow them the opportunity and space to criticize current protocols and regulations as well. Inquire whether they enjoy the way things are now and what they would alter about them. 

Allowing employees to be creative and have a voice fosters a healthy work atmosphere by making them feel more active and hence more invested in the company.

Sarah Jameson, Marketing Director of Green Building Elements

Show Your Appreciation

Keeping a permanent state of thankfulness makes you a happier person overall. Being vocal about your appreciation for your staff will assist in disseminating that feeling throughout the business. 

Furthermore, individuals who feel appreciated in a favorable work atmosphere do not dread coming to work. Giving thanks can be as simple as organizing an office party at the end of the month, purchasing pizza for everyone at lunch, or complimenting them. Small acts of kindness, such as thanks, foster a healthy work atmosphere, make you personable as a supervisor, and boost staff morale and motivation.

Tyler Martin, Founder and Certified Business Coach at ThinkTyler

Trust Your Employees To Do Their Jobs

I believe the majority of US workers have low morale because they are micromanaged by someone. While those in positions of management must oversee their teams and keep a close eye on what is going on, micromanaging every single work is a quick way to become despised and make your employees feel useless. 

After all, you recruited these folks to do these things, so let them do them in peace! Trusting your staff to work independently demonstrates that you value their instincts and skills in the workplace and encourage them to find new solutions to old challenges. 

Although you may believe you have all the solutions, allowing your staff to tackle challenges on their own will impress you with their innovation. Of course, you should check in on a frequent basis to ensure that work is progressing in the proper direction, but get comfortable delegating workloads and trusting individuals.

Hassan Usmani, the Tech Expert at YEELIGHT

Celebrate Small Victories

Employee morale is a good recipe for a positive work environment. Some businesses have this down and receive rave feedback from their personnel. More instances of positive employee reviews can be found here. 

Celebrating all of the tiny achievements around the business is a terrific approach to boosting employee morale. This also makes people feel valued for their efforts. A wise business owner or manager understands that Rome was not constructed in a single day. Similarly, a successful firm is not built on a single spectacular accomplishment. Rather, successful firms are built on a series of little successes. 

Celebrating and recognizing these achievements highlights their significance to employees, keeping their heads in the game and inspiring them to continue working hard.

Tyson Stevens, Founder of Education Resource Eduref

Develop Group Challenges

Team-building exercises are an excellent method to get employees to collaborate by providing them with a common aim. It is also an external incentive, especially when awards or rewards are involved. Set a group goal for your team to meet a set amount or quota for the week or month.

Maintain a scoreboard in the breakroom to keep the challenge fresh in people's thoughts and remind them of the rewards up for grabs. A happy employee is a challenged employee, and studies show that happy individuals work more. 

Matt Weidle, Business Development Manager of Buyer's Guide

A healthy workplace culture fosters collaboration, boosts morale, productivity, and efficiency, and encourages employee retention. Workplace happiness, teamwork, and productivity are all improved. Most importantly, a nice work atmosphere helps people to feel less stressed. 

Establish Clear Objectives And Rewards For Staff

Employees can be motivated and engaged if they are treated fairly and given clear objectives to strive toward. Having a transparent framework for advancement and promotion allows employees to assess their own performance. Measurable performance indicators will lead to healthy competition, but an open policy statement like this will help minimize unpleasant sentiments and resentment among team members.

When objectives are positively reinforced, and accomplishments are acknowledged and celebrated, employees feel appreciated, which contributes to a great working atmosphere. - Edustanding-UK Ltd.

When objectives are positively reinforced, and accomplishments are acknowledged and celebrated, employees feel appreciated, which contributes to a great working atmosphere. 

Encourage Cooperation And Communication

It is critical to have a leadership and management style that promotes cooperation, open and honest communication, and a healthy work environment. Regular audits are taken to evaluate how individuals engage with one another, criticism is accepted and taken into account, and possibilities for social connection are enabled as a result of open and honest communication.

Coffee mornings, company outings, and family weekends are just a few examples. This allows team members to build and foster relationships outside of the workplace. 

Optimism and Positivity

Utilizing the power of optimism in the workplace aids in the creation of a culture where people feel appreciated, engaged, and empowered to accomplish their goals. Managers and supervisors that embrace a positive thinking culture may provide significant benefits to their companies. 

In order to create a healthy, inclusive work culture of communication and cooperation, managers must be trained in many ways to establish a pleasant work environment.

Mellanie Ullrich, Co-Founder lashfridays

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