Distracted driving has become an 'epidemic,' new report suggests

March 14, 2023
Highway fatalities are on the rise again — 46,000 in the U.S. in 2022, up 22%, according to numbers released last week. How many of those deaths involved distracted driving? “It’s much bigger than the data show,” said Bruce Landsberg, vice chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board. Data collection methods are so riddled with […]

China's drivers are going electric, but not fast enough

March 10, 2023
As a maturing, cost-effective technology, electric vehicles are a key part of the solution to planet-heating emissions. When paired with clean electricity, they offer a route to climate-neutral ground transportation. And fortunately, electricity is getting cleaner with each passing year, owing to the rapidly falling costs of solar and wind power. Global electric vehicle sales […]

From Nissan to Porsche, this car paint trend is taking over L.A.

March 7, 2023
Flat. Muddy. Neutral. Desaturated. Even wet putty. There are many descriptions for a new style of car paint that has become popular in recent years, but none quite captures the essence of the know-it-when-you-see-it look. The hues are muted earth tones — grays, tans, browns and others — that lack the light-reflecting metallic flake that […]

Tesla slashes Model S and X prices for second time this year

March 6, 2023
Tesla reduced prices of its more expensive models again, days after Elon Musk said cuts earlier this year had piqued interest in the company’s electric vehicles. The Model S and X now start at $89,990 and $99,990 in the United States, down a respective 5.3% and 9.1%, according to Tesla’s website. The company lowered prices […]

Hyundai was poised to become Tesla's top contender. Then the U.S. government blindsided it

February 28, 2023
K-drama, K-pop, kimchi, bibimbap: Korean culture, in the form of entertainment and food, has long taken hold in California and across the U.S. It’s time to add Korean cars to the list. Sure, Korean automakers have been selling cars in the U.S. for decades — and successfully, though trying to overcome a reputation for low-price, […]

Can Los Angeles streets be made safe for children on bikes?

February 27, 2023
Half a century ago, it was very common for kids to disappear into their neighborhood and play with other kids, often arriving by bike. This included the school commute. In 1969, 48% of children 5 to 14 walked or biked themselves to school. By 2009, this was down to 13%. The result has been an […]

Column: Self-driving Waymo cars might worsen L.A. traffic

February 23, 2023
For some reason — no one seems to know just why — the self-driving cars can’t stay away from a random sleepy block in Santa Monica. You can see for yourself: Get a cup of coffee at Primo Passo on 7th and Montana, and take a seat. Before long they’ll cruise by, one after another […]

Adam Levine sues car dealer, alleging 1971 Maserati is fake

February 22, 2023
Singer Adam Levine says his 1971 Maserati is not the 1971 Maserati he thought he was getting when he traded two classic Ferraris for it in late 2020. Now he is suing to undo the $950,000 deal — or get paid enough damages to make it right. The lawsuit, filed Friday in the U.S. District […]

California bill could raise vehicle registration fees for heavy cars

February 22, 2023
Big cars and trucks could end up costing California drivers more in vehicle registration fees, if a new bill that was introduced in the state Legislature is approved. Vehicle registration fees in California are based on the value of the car, but a bill introduced by Assemblymember Christopher M. Ward (D-San Diego) would look at […]
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