Buffalo Bills Player Damar Hamlin In Critical Condition After Suffering Cardiac Arrest During Monday Night Game

January 3, 2023
January 3, 2023


Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field after suffering from a cardiac arrest after a collision during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday night and was taken to a local hospital where he remains in critical condition.

Key Facts

Hamlin suffered a “cardiac arrest following a hit” during the first quarter after tackling Bengals’ Tee Higgins but his “heartbeat was restored on the field” before he was transferred to a local hospital, the Bills said in an official statement on Twitter.

Hamlin is being treated at the nearby University of Cincinnati Medical Center where he is sedated and remains in critical condition, the statement added.

Following Hamlin’s collapse Medical personnel administered CPR for several minutes before he was placed in an ambulance that took him to the hospital, according to ESPN.

Hamlin appeared to be hit in the chest by Higgins’ shoulder while trying to tackle him and the Bills player managed to briefly get back onto his feet before collapsing.

Players from both teams appeared to be distressed by the situation including some who were in tears while others knelt down and prayed.

The game was immediately suspended and postponed indefinitely by the NFL.

Crucial Quote

In a statement on Twitter the NFL Players Association said: “The NFLPA and everyone in our community is praying for Damar Hamlin. We have been in touch with Bills and Bengals players, and with the NFL. The only thing that matters at this moment is Damar’s health and well being.”

What To Watch For

While the NFL says the game has been postponed it is unclear when the two teams might be able to play a rescheduled fixture as the regular season is set to end on Sunday. The Bills are scheduled to face the New England Patriots on Sunday while the Bengals will take on the Baltimore Ravens on the same day. The Monday night clash between the two teams was billed as a game between two Super Bowl contenders.

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