7 Benefits of Professional Landscaping for Businesses

May 2, 2022
7 Benefits of Professional Landscaping for Businesses

Take a walk in the springtime, and you'll notice blooming cherry blossom trees like puffs of cotton candy on every street corner. Go outside in the summer, and you'll see well-manicured shrubs placed with purpose amid colorful plumes of flora, complementing nearby buildings like a quaint image from a fairytale. Even in autumn and winter, when nature dies back down to the ground, you might still delight in the rare pop of red berries from a holly tree or admire the snow-laden boughs of an evergreen.

Our environment has an immediate impact on our psychology – for better or worse. That said, we tend to experience more positive emotions and lower stress levels when surrounded by nature's beauty. For business owners, the natural environment and its impact on our psychology can be a useful tool that directly translates into profitability and savings. When you prioritize your commercial landscape maintenance, your business will likely see the following benefits!

Attracts & Retains Customers

If the outside of your business location looks grimy, run-down, sparse or otherwise unkempt, customers may either consciously or unconsciously presume the same of your products' and services' quality. Exterior building maintenance and landscaping can help spruce up the front of your business. After all, prospective customers and clients are more likely to have positive first impressions of your business when greeted with an attractive facade.

Not only does beautiful landscaping help to increase curb appeal and attract customers, but it can also help to retain them. Customers tend to trust and remain loyal to companies that provide a first-class experience from start to finish. They are also more likely to spend more money at a business they perceive as trustworthy. The apparent effort you put into maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and nature-filled exterior won't go unnoticed by those seeking to do business with a company of integrity.

Public Image & Brand

When you plant extra trees on your property, design to reduce runoff and erosion, and incorporate native plant species and pollinator plants, it's a win-win scenario for your business and the environment. Landscaping with the environment's well-being in mind shows your commitment to the earth's longevity, and eco-conscious customers will take notice. However, well-executed commercial landscaping doesn't just take effect on the individual level. As a crucial component of your public image, your eco-friendly landscaping efforts can enhance your public relations, positively impacting how the collective perceives and feels about your brand.

Boosts Property Value

Anytime you make improvements to your commercial property, you are investing in its property value. Attractive landscaping is no exception to this rule. If you intend to sell your commercial property or move your business to a new location at some point, you can count on property investments like landscaping to increase your asking price. Curb appeal even has the potential to turn you a profit relative to what you initially paid for the location.

Save On Heating & Cooling Costs

Alluring landscaping poses clear effects on the way others perceive your business, inviting them to come in and visit, come back again, and spend more money when they do. However, landscaping isn't just about winning over the crowd outside your doors. From an internal perspective, it can also provide you and your business with savings opportunities.

Landscaping designs can include ways to improve your building's insulation, reducing both heating and cooling costs. For instance, planting plenty of shade-providing trees around your facility can reduce your heating bill by up to 25% and allow your HVAC systems to run 2 to 4% more efficiently. Those same trees can also provide coverage against wind and snow come wintertime, protecting your property from the damaging effects of the elements. The only thing better than bringing in the dollars is not letting them flow back out if it can be helped!

Outsourcing Saves Time & Money

Given the effect of commercial landscaping on your public image and cash flow, it's not an aspect of your business to overlook. However, housing your own equipment, hiring an internal landscaping team, and paying for all those supplies and salaries are like running a full-scale landscaping business within your business. Put all that money and time toward your own business affairs, and consider outsourcing your landscaping goals to an expert contractor.

Outsourcing allows you to attain and maintain that gorgeous landscaping while cutting day-to-day operational costs. Plus, the experts who do this work for a living have the time and resources to keep up to date on the latest trends, technology, sustainability practices, and ecological data. They will also possess the know-how to apply those principles to the benefit of your company on a regular basis.

In Conclusion

If you've ever experienced an influx of positive energy after going outside, you know firsthand just how influential nature can be on our mindset. Ultimately, our feelings drive our decisions, and this psychological tendency especially shows in our economic choices. For this reason, don't look at commercial landscaping as just another task on your to-do list but as a powerful tool in cultivating desirability around your business. From attracting customers to boosting your property value to enhancing your brand image, professional landscaping helps you capitalize on the benefits of nature's inherent beauty.


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