6 Popular Types of Advertising to Boost Brand Visibility in 2022 & Beyond

September 16, 2022,

Most businesses, whether large corporate conglomerates or one-man operations, attempt to put their best foot forward and impact the market. 

Advertising is one of the main ways these businesses compete, and to create an impact with their audience; they need to know how much they can charge to boost brand awareness. 

There are many different types of advertising to increase brand visibility. 

Some are more effective than others, and some are better suited to certain businesses. Read on to learn more:

#1 Linear TV Advertising

Linear TV advertising is a highly effective way to reach your audience. With linear TV advertising, you can target multiple time slots within an hour and reach your audience in the evening, when they may be more likely to watch television. In addition, linear TV advertising is much easier to measure than digital video advertising.

By targeting specific time slots with your ads, you can reach your audience as they watch their favorite shows and don't have to worry about competing with other ads on social media or other channels.

Linear TV ads can be used in multiple formats, including:

Live-to-air commercials: These ads air during prime-time programs, such as news shows, sports programming, and entertainment shows.

On-demand commercials: These ads air during times when viewers are watching programs on their own time, such as late at night or on weekends.

Digital extensions: This type of ad is similar to a linear ad, except it is inserted into digital media such as websites or mobile apps. It can also be used as an alternative to traditional on-air commercials with an additional option for audiences to bypass traditional ads altogether by going directly to the website/app where the ad appears.

#2 Native Advertising

Native advertising is a type of advertising that appears to be a regular part of the content of the publication. It can take the form of sponsored content, which looks like an editorial article but is, in fact, an ad, or it can take the form of sponsored images, videos, and other content that appears in editorial articles and on social media pages.

Native advertising is becoming more popular because it allows brands to reach consumers directly at their point of need. For example, if you're looking for a new car, you'll see a car advertiser's ad for that model on Instagram or Facebook. The ad won't say "sponsored by" anywhere in it, so you won't know it's an advertisement until you click on it and buy the car!

#3 Social Media Advertising

Social media has become an essential part of a strong marketing strategy. With the help of social media, businesses can connect with their potential customers and generate more leads. The best part about social media advertising is that it allows you to reach people at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional forms of advertising.

Social media platforms offer various tools that help create engaging content for your audience. For instance, Facebook offers its users the option to share their posts on Instagram by adding a link to it in the post itself. You can use both platforms while reaching out to different audiences simultaneously.

Moreover, social media advertising allows you to keep your brand name in front of every user who visits your website or App, which is beneficial for gaining brand awareness and clicks on your website and app downloads.

#4 Broadcast Advertising 

Broadcast advertising is the most common form of advertising. It is a method that uses radio, television, and other media for advertising products or services. Broadcast advertising is one of the least expensive ways to advertise because it is accessible to many people at once.

Broadcast advertising is also practical because it reaches large audiences at affordable prices. The cost per thousand viewers can be as little as $50 a year, while print and other forms of media are more costly.

Broadcast advertising is ideal for companies with many products or services that need promotion. Some examples of companies using broadcast advertising include Ford Motor Company, which advertises on radio stations across the country, and Wal-Mart Stores, which advertises on television programs such as "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and "Good Morning America."

#5 Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is a powerful medium for businesses looking to reach potential customers. It's an effective way to get your brand in front of passersby, which can help you gain new customers and increase brand awareness.

Outdoor advertising can be seen on billboards, bus shelters, taxi sides, and even on large screens at sporting events. It's handy for businesses that have a lot of foot traffic in their locations. Outdoor advertising is also very inexpensive compared with other forms of advertising.

#6 Print Advertising

Print advertising is the most traditional and cost-effective type of advertising. It can be used to advertise both new and existing products or services. It's also worth the dollars to reach out to people who don't visit your website, as they may not notice it.

Print ads are often used in magazines, newspapers, catalogs, and direct mailings such as flyers or postcards. They are also effective in large-scale campaigns targeting an entire community or geographic area with one campaign.

A Quick Advice

Make sure you research all aspects of your campaign and use the best resources to ensure it is a success, whether designing eye-catching advertisements or using strategic places to generate consumer interest.

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